General Questions

Good question. The introduction of subscriptions were always going to prompt this question. Unless you are directly involved with the project management of a mobile app, you’ll never truly grasp what is involved.

Since launch in May 2014, I have received overwhelming support from those who have purchased Pocket Sergeant. Not only have those people bought the app but have contributed in terms of suggesting new features, content and at one point requested a change in the user interface. None of this is cheap and much of the funds accrued from sales have been re-invested.

Around 18 months ago, I had talked on social media about introducing a subscription model but I delayed this decision for as long as possible.

Unlike other products that are available, Pocket Sergeant has evolved and continues to do so. Other organisations remain rigid despite regular income due to being “not for profit”. Pocket Sergeant isn’t eligible for grants or otherwise. In recent months, I have injected around £8,000 into the development.

I have received many emails from those who use the app requesting further features and content. The app can only evolve more quickly and be updated even more frequently if you subscribe.

Also, I would like to point out in October 2016 I left the police service to commit to Pocket Sergeant and a full-time basis. As I have always reminded people, I committed to this on a full-time basis as would rather help 10,000’s of people every day than just a handful in my former role as a Police Officer.

From 1st June 2017, anyone who purchases the app will be entitled to 28 days of updates included in the £3.99 purchase. The app will be up to date on the date of purchase.

All existing users from 1st June 2017 will be subscribe for £0.99 per month for updated / new content and features.

Again, this is not a decision I took lightly. I never wanted to charge a subscription, particularly as people had already bought the app but in order for the app to evolve and maintain high standards, investment is required.

Occasionally, this happens and is related to caching issues on your handset. The easy fix is to hit the “subscribe” button (it won’t charge you twice, don’t worry).

View your subscription and then close the app down completely so it’s no longer running in the background. Then restart your handset and load the app again and the Apple Store / Google Play Store should identify you have a subscription. If not, try these steps again but without restarting your handset.

The aim is to make life as easy as possible for Police Officers, staff and others who work within the criminal justice system. The app also serves as a tool for members of the public to better understand the law and why certain decisions have been made.

The app serves as an easy-to-use time management tool which also promotes cost and time efficiency.

The app is strictly for personal use only unless a commercial licence is granted by Pocket Sergeant Ltd. Any organisation using Pocket Sergeant on their handsets without a commercial licence will be a breach of terms and conditions.

If you would like to discuss a commercial licence for the app then please contact